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Rotating Brush CIRRUS SILHOUET-TONE (410,560) (110V)

rotating brush is used at the beginning of treatment (after removing makeup) to remove dead surface cells
ergonomic and compact brush handle which facilitates decision making and comfortable (code 416367)
rotation inversion function that respects the physiology of muscles
quiet motor, quality
Setting multiple brush rotation speeds

Three (3) brushes:
1 brush farms natural hair (40 mm)
1 flexible brush natural bristles (40 mm)
1 flexible brush natural bristles (20 mm)
integrated and practical accessory
Instruction manual included

Option: 1 body brush (70 mm)

Long. 20.5 cm (8 in)
Width. 25.5 cm (10 in)
High. 7.5 cm (3 inches)
Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lb)
Power: 5 W

-The Cleansing milk and spraying retain their "supremacy" in cleaning the skin surface; but they always fail to achieve a thorough cleaning, especially in the following cases:
- The client abuse of cosmetics and / or removes evil.
- The skin lipid, or thick and fleshy.
- For a facial to a black customer.

-The Life of this unit is limited if it is well used. The motor is located in the handle of most brushes. Never immerse the handle in the products, but only the bristles of the brush if necessary.

-Clean The brushes with soap and water and place them in a sterilizer ultra-violet rays.

-When You are storing brushes, do not place the side hair as it dries them to crush and take irregular shapes. Their rotation becomes less regular. Replace

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