Light Elegance P+ UV / LED Glitter Vernis Gel ((6)15ml (WISH YOU WERE HERE)-

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Long Distance Love: A fine glitter blend of red and soft gold that has flashes of pink. This glitter is very cohesive and makes for a perfect holiday red! Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

Anxiously Awaiting: A fine rose gold glitter laced with tiny flashes of pink, fuchsia. This is a dark, elegant glitter with a little twinkle of brightness. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

Leave the Light On: A soft, light grey glitter that has a twinkle diamond shine! It is a quiet, neutral-grey that sparkles in the light. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

Can’t Wait to Cuddle: A sweet and innocent iridescent lavender. This fine glitter is a light lavender matte that is peppered with small pieces that sparkle and shine. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

Sincerely Yours: A light buff-neutral glitter with really fine iridescent sparkles. This takes a soft neutral and adds a touch of fun innocence! Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

Just a Few More Sleeps: A fine, aqua blend with various shades of light blue and green glitter. This aqua shade flashes a lot of light which makes it the perfect winter green! Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

Light Elegance UV/LED Color, Glitter, and P+ Gel Polishes are 100% free of HEMA monomer, long lasting and are packed with premium frosts, shimmers and glitters. LE Glitter Gels are the best, brightest and longest-lasting on the market. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!

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