Light Elegance is a renowned brand in the nail care industry that has achieved excellence through its innovative and high-quality products. Founded in 1999 by Jim and Lezlie McConnell, the brand's mission was to create exceptional gel products that would enhance natural beauty and empower professionals. Light Elegance gained widespread acclaim for its groundbreaking innovations, offering a range of exceptional products that have revolutionized the gel nail industry. Their product line includes the P+ Gel Polish, JimmyGel Building Base, Lexy Line Hard Gel, ButterCream Color Gels, and Glitter Gels and Pigments, all known for their superior performance, vibrant colors, and long-lasting results. Beyond its product offerings, Light Elegance is committed to the education and professional growth of nail technicians, providing comprehensive training programs and certifications. With its dedication to innovation and superior quality, Light Elegance has become a trusted leader in the industry, captivating nail technicians and enthusiasts worldwide. 

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