Grande: Looking Your Best with Top Quality Products

For those who are looking for a high-quality product to enhance their beauty, Grande Cosmetics is the company to turn to. This product line is well known for offering some of the best products for creating natural looking beauty. Each one is a bit different, but they all are made with clinically proven formulas and natural ingredients. For those salons that want to be able to offer natural products or with natural ingredients, Grande Products is the place to start.

What You Can Expect from Grande Products

There are several Grande Products available on the market. Each one is designed to provide your clients with incredibly beautiful results with easy application. These products are peptide-infused that will allow results to last, which is a nice benefit for anyone in this market.

Lip Plumping Products

Grande Products offers an impressive line of lip plumping glosses. These products work to give your clients the plump, irresistible lips they’ve always wanted. There are a variety of colors to choose from. From clear, to neutrals, to red, there is a color suitable for every client.

Eyelash Products

A fun and fantastic product offering from Grande is their line of eyelash products. These products create the natural, long and fuller lashes so many of today’s clients are looking for but have been unable to find in other products. Available is the serum, eyeliner, primer and mascara in either black or brown. They can either be used individually or all together which is perfect for matching the products with your client’s different budgets.

The lash serum is an award winner due to its unique blend of vitamins, peptides, conditioning ingredients and amino acids. When used, it creates incredibly longer and thicker lashes. It takes about 4-6 weeks to see results.

There is also a brow serum and a brow filler with fibers available. The serum will help grow thin brows that have stopped growing from age or over tweezing. Results are seen within 4-6 weeks. While the serum helps brows to grow, the fibers in the brow filler will give the appearance of thicker brows for on the go.

Grande Products are well worth the investment. Adding this product to your salon allows you to give your clients the look they are looking for. More so, Grande Cosmetics gets a lot of attention because it meets the consumer’s increasing demand for all natural cosmetic products.

The Latest Techniques and Artistic Ideas

As a salon owner, you know that your clients come in with the same question every time they visit. What’s new? What’s interesting? It takes a moment for them to want something ‘different’ or unique than what they have had before. Other clients will question the latest trends and style options. What’s cool? What’s the latest technique for trendy nails? If your salon wants to be able to offer clients the very best, you will need to offer some outstanding products and interesting looks. With a few recommendations, it may not be that difficult. Here are some trendy options to offer your clients.

Go with Fine Lines

One of the latest trends is the use of fine lines. This chic look is minimal but makes a statement at the same time. You start off with a base color and then create graphic lines running horizontally across the nail. You can also trace a line around the edge of the entire nail. The goal is to create simple, thin lines. It is fresh and clean, perfect for spring.

UV Nail Polish

Another type of trend that is creating a great deal of interest today is the use of a UV Polish. A product like shellac UV Polish is fantastic. With the use of this product you do not have to file the natural nail or filing the polish off. It last 14 days with a high shine and with peace of mind that your nails will stay healthy and beautiful. When it is applied, you will need to use a UV lamp to set it. They have a variety of colors that will suit the needs of every client.


Vinylux is a two-step polish system. It is a weekly polish that has a built-in basecoat in the color itself. With the use of the Vinylx top coat it will allow the polish to hold for 1 week. It creates a high level of shine and durability. This is an excellent product for your clients who want to do their own nails at home. Vinylux have the same colors as Shellac with the same names allowing you to easily match the two together.

Mirror and Metallic Effect

When your clients ask, what colors are trendy, impress them with variety. Especially with metallic, chrome or rainbow effect. In a minute, you can create a beautiful accent nail. By offering different nail effects will keep your clients interested and coming back for more.

Nail Shape Trends

Coffin shaped nails have really made its way in this year’s trendy nails. Many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have been seen sporting around these long and angular shaped nails, giving a dramatic and sexy appearance.

If long nails are not your cup of tea, short nails are also very trendy. Sporting short nails with a neutral color gives your client a fresh, clean and classic look. A style she will be able to look professional in the office during the day yet beautiful and stylish at night.

Which of these nail trends is right for you and your clientele? There’s no doubt that having options is going to keep your clients coming back!

Nail enhancements

What’s the Difference in Resin and Powder, Acrylic and Gel Nail Enhancements?

Nail enhancements are a big part of any nail salon’s business. What’s more, most of your clients will come in and ask these questions. Which product is right for them? Which is safe? And, which will last the longest while looking the best? It is important for any nail salon to have knowledgeable staff, as well as high quality products available to meet any customer’s needs. There’s much to learn about these products and what they can offer to your clients.

Resin and Powder Nail Enhancements

Resin and powder nail enhancements can be a very good investment for many salons. The biggest benefit to these products besides the versatility offered, is that they tend to be more affordable. A variety of products exist including fiberglass or silk. These products are applied with a resin. The resin works as a glue to hold the product in place. Glue and acrylic powder combinations are also popular options.

The nail is brushed with the resin and then the esthetician adds an acrylic powder over the top of it. This is generally not dipped but rather brushed over or sprinkled for an improved impact. These nails dry with the help of a catalyst, sprayed on or applied with a brush, to help accelerate an otherwise long curing process.

Acrylic Nail Enhancements

Acrylic nail enhancements are one of the most commonly sought after products today. They offer clients a wide range of use and benefits. They are available both as a liquid as well as a powder. The esthetician mixes the product and applies it using a brush. The product then hardens or cures. Acrylic nails do not require the use of heat lamps for curing, which can save on costs and time. The product usually dries on its own within just a few minutes. It’s possible to dress these up with numerous components including color and glitter acrylic powders. It’s quite the ideal option for many people because it allows for numerous customizations and fine detailing.

Acrylic provides a strong and long-lasting manicure. It has a noticeable odor, so proper ventilation is important when using this product. Acrylic is one of the most popular options because it is a moderately priced product, easily created, and offers a fast finish, something clients and salon owners can appreciate.

Gel Nail Enhancements

Gel nail enhancements are also popular. In short, gel is a pre-mixed acrylic product. The hard part about these nails is that they need to be cured. This is done under UV or LED lamps. Like with acrylic products, gel nail enhancements are very versatile allowing users to choose from a wide range of detailing and features. Numerous effects and art styles can be incorporated.

What Should You Choose?

As a nail salon, it is up to you to choose from any of these products. Most salons see the benefit of offering consumers multiple options at various price points. Nail enhancements are only as good as the product, though. That is, you’ll need to invest in quality finishes and products, along with skilled estheticians to ensure the very best outcome and complete satisfaction for the customer. The right product used in the proper manner can create an impressive finished result that anyone can benefit from added to their nail salon’s offerings.

Nail Filing: How to Give Your Customers the Best Results

As a spa owner, your goal is always to provide your clients with the very best finished product. You want them to come back to you time and time again. One way to achieve this is to focus on the details. Nail files, for example, may not seem like a big factor to consider carefully when stocking your salon, but in fact they can play a very important role in the service and quality of care you provide to your clients. Do you know what you should be buying, why, and what brands are best? There’s much to learn.

The Grain on a Nail File

Take a close look at the grain on the nail file you are using. Have you thought about stocking your salon with numerous products to provide a wide range of options for your clients? Generally, selecting a lower grain will create a more rough result. That is, it removes more material with each movement than those nail files with a higher grain. On the other hand high grain nail files are also important components in your salon. The higher grain creates more of a polish and finish. Most salons should choose from a range of options for each manicure completed.

A basic file offers 100 to 180 grain. This basic product offers a classic manicure and the ability to file the length using the 180 grain side. The 100 grain side is ideal for UV Gel capsules and other high grain needs.

Buffer products are a bit different. Of course, your salon needs to offer buffers for nail filing because this speeds up the process, reduces the wear and tear on the employee, and helps to create a more even and uniform finish. Choose the right CND buffer based on the grit it offers (options range from 2400 to 4000 and 1200 grit, for example.) When choosing a buffer, look for:

• Buffers that offer more than one finishing option. A 3-way padded buffer, for example, offers more enhancement options. It also creates a more natural look that clients often seek out.
• Look for those with thick padding as well. This helps to provide the best finishing details. It also creates a great deal of shine – which is always sought after by clients.
• Of course, it needs to be easy to use and easy to clean. Disinfection is a must in today’s salons.

What Else to Consider in Nail Files

As you take into consideration the range of nail file options you have, there are a few other things to keep in mind. For example, what type of shape are you using in your salon? Shape doesn’t often create a difference in terms of the outcome of the nail, but it does impact your team. Choose shapes that provide your estheticians with more comfort and support during the process. Offer several options depending on the needs of each team member.

Next, consider the different models available. You can purchase disposable nail files. This means tossing out the product after every use – often the more expensive, but easier option. Reusable products require more time investment in cleaning and disinfecting, but they tend to cost less over the long term. In most nail salons, offering both can be an important way to offer options to your estheticians.

The nail file isn’t a simple item any longer. It is a key component of your salon’s management and function. Take a closer look at what’s in your manicure kit and consider upgrading to something that offers something a bit more user friendly.

Your Trusted Distributor: Janssen, Karin Herzog and Elements

As your spa products dealer, you can count on EEC to offer the highest quality of products and supplies for all of your needs. As a spa owner, you have the need to supply your clients with the most up to date products and techniques from leading brand names. Our selection makes that easy for you to do. You’ll find everything you need to keep your clients thrilled with the products you offer and the services you provide.

Some of Our Top Products

We offer a large selection of spa products. Our selection includes numerous brands including many of the most desired and sought after products for spa owners. Take a look at a few of our top-rated products. These, along with many of our other beauty and spa products, are selected because of their quality, proven design and functionality. You’ll also appreciate our ability to offer the latest products in one place for you.

Janssen Cosmetics

Our best-selling brand Janssen Cosmetics is extensive and offers something for just about any need. We highly recommend this line of facial products. Known for their outstanding anti-aging collection, you’ll appreciate having access to products such as Janssen body gels and lotions, exceptional facial care for every skin type and Janssen eye care. We highly recommend the 2-phase Melafadin Concentrate for any skin brightening need. This is a top- quality line of products that is sure please even your most demanding clients.

Karin Herzog

The Karin Herzog line of products comes from a long history of intense research and development. It uses action oxygen that helps to normalize the function of the epidermis skin layer. This product line works with all skin types and creates beautiful, youthful looking skin with reliable results. Specifically, your clients may be seeking out “The Original” a product now called Oxygen Body 3% Without Fragrance. It is an outstanding product for most of your client’s needs for skin care. We recommend the Karin Herzog 2% Oxygen Face Cream for its exceptional function at combating many types of skin problems.


Elements is an affordable anti-aging and skincare brand that some of your clients will love. Their products, although less specific than Karin Herzog or Janssen, are still effective and will be favorites of your clients with smaller budgets. Their line includes a variety of products including the Elements Eye and Lip Contour Gel, Elements Imperfection Serum, and the Elements Moisturizing Face Cream. Of course, like most of our products, Elements offers a full line of products and display products to help encourage a higher number of sales in your spa.

Give Your Customers and Clients Everything They Need

At EEC, we strive to ensure your spa or salon thrives. To achieve this, you need to have a full line of skin care and anti-aging products available from trusted name brands. We’ve done the hard work for you. You can now select the products that fit your needs and offer the extensive treatment your clients need. Get to know these brands and teach your clients about their benefits. They will appreciate your information and experience and will come back to you time and time again for any skin care or anti aging product they need.

Are You Using Cuccio in Your Salon Yet?

You may have heard your clients asking for Cuccio products. There’s a growing demand for this line of high end products and, if your salon isn’t carrying them, you could be left out! Today’s spa owners need to maintain the best brand selection and encourage customers to find the products that really meet their unique needs. When it comes to Cuccio, it’s easy to fall in love with this brand and the wide range of products offered by it. As a spa owner, you’ll appreciate getting to know some of the line’s most in-demand products.

Body Butters

Cuccio body butters are some of the best products on the market. You’ll have the ability to choose from a large line up of options, each with a bit of a different formula to fit the tastes and interests of others. The Cuccio body butter with white ginger and coconut, for example, is one of the most sought after. The Cuccio body butter honey and milk variety is another must-have product for any people.

One of the questions you may receive from your clients has to do with the company’s line of body butters. You may want to also consider the Ultra sheers. Which one is better for your customers? This depends, of course, on their desired outcome. However, a good rule of thumb is to look at the product itself. Body butters are a richer product, often with more luxurious feel to it. It’s definitely the route to take when you want a product that’s really going to feel good. On the other hand, the ultra sheer product line is much lighter weight. This option may be best for those who want a light application but still want the benefits that body butter has to offer.

Exfoliating Salts

Often, the skin needs a bit more than lotion. This is when exfoliating products, including exfoliating salts can be a good option. Your clients may be able to see a fresher, more natural and youthful look by removing the old, damaged skin cells present. Currio offers a wide selection of exfoliation products. This includes the Cuccio Coconut Micro Exfoliation Scrub. It’s a fantastic product to have with you on a regular basis. On the other hand, check out the Cuccio Coconut Scentual Salt Soak for the ultimate in feel.

Cuticle Oil

Though many people don’t realize it unless you work in the industry, the cuticles are pretty routinely damaged. The good news is that you’ll find an extensive line of Cuccio cuticle oil products available to you. For example, the Cuccio Apple Cuticle Remover is a fabulous option not only for the fragrance but also for the way it works so easily. It’s highly recommended.


Elixirs are fantastic add-on products your clients will love having access to. The Cuccio Elixir Milk & Honey product is one of the most sought after. These are real environmental aromatherapy products – they create the perfect experience no matter where you are or what you are doing. For a slightly more vibrant and deep scent, check out the Cuccio Elixir Papaya. It’s a fantastic fragrance you’ll love having around you.

What do you need to know about Cuccio’s product line available for your spa or salon? In short, the company offers a large selection of products that customers love to have access to but are not always willing to buy it themselves. At EEC, our goal is to ensure that all products your clients love and that are good for them are available.

As a spa owner, you’ll love all that Cuccio has to offer.

How to Analyse Skin to Determine Skin Type

Caring for skin is an important duty as a spa owner, especially for those with services focused on whole body health. From exfoliation to facials, an effective spa is able to do everything possible to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Nevertheless, what works for one face doesn’t necessarily work for the next. Skin type is vastly different from person to person; with variations from acne to oil production, understanding skin type is a key part of providing high quality service. Most clients don’t know their own skin type, however, leaving it up to skincare professionals to make an appropriate determination.

The Analysis Process

There are several different methods that can be used to analyze skin type. Most reputable spas incorporate all options in order to provide an effective evaluation.


For many estheticians, a questionnaire is the first step in the process. While many aspects of skin type are evident with observation, some might not be; for example, some clients may moisturize well before an appointment, despite suffering from dry, under-hydrated skin most of the time. By posing questions about skincare habits, complaints, and aims of treatment, spa staff can learn more details about what approach is necessary.


Observation is a key step in skin analysis. Even those who self-report skin type or common skin complaints may be missing the simple realities hidden within their pores, leading you as a service provider in the wrong direction. Best performed on a clean face with a lighted, magnifying lens, beauty professionals should use this time to carefully go over the skin section by section in order to note blemishes and other imperfections.


Sense of touch is a big part of skincare for spa professionals. Providing a tactile approach to evaluation, a skin’s feel can be highly illuminating. Even if you are confident with a type determination based on question answers and observations performed, feeling the skin and noting dry areas, oily buildup, or other abnormalities can ensure your analysis is as thorough, accurate, and efficient as possible.

Skin Types

While types aren’t always uniform, skin can be generally categorized into four main groupings: oily, dry, combination, and natural.


Oily skin is characterized by active sebaceous glands, leaving an oily residue on the surface of the skin. As such, oily skin often feels thicker than normal skin, and exhibits enlarged follicle openings and easily clogged pores.


Dry skin is the opposite of oily skin, exhibiting a distinct lack of oil with a taut, often peeling surface. For those suffering with dry skin, excess moisture is required in order to maintain a healthy appearance.


Combination skin is a mixture between dry and oily skin. Those with combination skin will often suffer from dryness in some areas, like on the cheeks, and oiliness in others, like throughout the t-zone.


The most ideal of the skin types, normal skin requires little maintenance and boasts a clear, smooth appearance. Those with normal skin do not suffer from excessive dryness or oiliness and require limited skincare.
Skin type is an important factor in developing a proper skincare regimen, both at home and at the spa. In order to properly devise treatments necessary to care for those of all ages, genders, and races, skincare professionals must take the time to fully understand client needs and expectations. With a proper analysis utilizing questionnaires, observation, and tactile evaluation, you can ensure all clients have access to the most appropriate treatments possible.

Why Exfoliation is an Absolute Must

Proper skincare is akin to an art form, requiring experience, knowledge, and expertise to keep both the face and body looking and feeling excellent. While many clients are willing to settle for nothing more than body wash and all-purpose lotion, true professionals know that exfoliation is a significant element in a successful regimen. By removing dead skin cells and preventing clogged pores, this simple process can help skin look revitalized, rejuvenated, and younger than ever. From face to feet, exfoliation is an absolute must for both your clients and your bottom line.

The Importance of Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a vitally important step in any skincare routine. As aging progresses, cell regeneration slows, leading to an increase in the time required to shed skin cells and replace them with new ones. This leads to a build up of dead cells on the body, reducing shine and leaving skin looking flat, dull, and old. While body and face washes can remove dirt and makeup from the surface of the skin, exfoliating takes cleansing a step further, sloughing off dead skin cells and debris that have the potential to clog pores, enhance pigmented spots, and exacerbate wrinkles.

Exfoliation and Your Spa

Exfoliating can be accomplished in numerous ways, using professional-grade spa products or dubious homemade mixes, but effective techniques – those devised by skincare experts who understand the balance necessary to clean without damage – can provide significant advantages to overall health. Many spa clients appreciate skincare from educated industry leaders, but without proper education, these benefits may go ignored and unscheduled.

In order to increase exfoliation among clients and drive interest in services, education and awareness are critical. Spas employ numerous methods to spread information about the benefits of exfoliation, often by communicating during treatments, posting signs, and advertising through digital channels like social media and email. Others run exfoliation-related promotions, or add exfoliation services onto existing spa packages in order to acclimate new and existing customers to the opportunities these treatments can offer.

The KISS Glove for Face and Body

Deep and soothing exfoliation services may be a standing appointment for some clients, but for many, spa services are treated as a luxury and not a regular occurrence. As such, making exfoliating a valued part of skincare, both at the spa and at home between treatments, can boost your engagement and keep clients coming back for more.

The KISS glove is an affordable, effective way to mimic salon-quality experiences from the comfort of home. A mitten-like glove made from 100% natural fibers, the KISS glove is perfect for whole body exfoliation. Boasting a shape that conforms to the hand, wrist elastic for comfort, and a proprietary texture perfect for gently scrubbing away dead skin cells, clients can enjoy head to toe relaxation from anywhere. No wash or scrub is needed; simply add water to eliminate dead cells, oxygenate the skin, activate micro-circulation, and stimulate hair growth. When sold or provided to customers, this unique product can make exfoliation fast and easy, even when a spa visit isn’t in the cards – or the upcoming budget.

Keep Skin Glowing

In a world where everyone wants to look young, fresh, and Photoshopped, exfoliation can be the missing ingredient great skincare routines require to truly succeed. Lauded by estheticians and dermatologists alike, exfoliation can be a major selling point for your spa and a significant benefit to your customers. Removing dead cells and invigorating the skin, this process can help clients of all ages look and feel their best. With help from the KISS glove, clients can keep spa treatments going at home, reinforcing the benefits of this essential procedure.

Vinylux vs. Creative Play: Do You Know the Difference?

Creative Play is CND’s latest line of nail polish to hit the salon scene with 80 bold and vibrant unique colors, 10 gorgeous finish types, and this line is more in line with the traditional nail polish segment. The new line has been designed with creative consumers in mind, the consumers who love and enjoy switching up their nail looks frequently.

Forever changing nail color and textures, mixing colors, and creating stand out in the crowd looks. These nail polishes are just as unique as the consumers who wear them. Additionally, the 80 colors within this line are completely, brand spankin’ new to CND. So what’s the difference between this new line, Creative Play, and other CND lines?

There are a few notable key differences, both pros and cons for consumers and salon owners when making a determination on whether or not to give it a try, or choosing between Creative Play and Vinylux. But we assure you, the pros far outweigh the cons and some may not view the cons as cons at all. It’s all comes down to how you look at it, what you prefer, and what you expect from a nail lacquer.

Creative Play

This exciting new line features 80 beautiful bold vibrant unique colors like Glittabulous, Sea the Light, Orange You Curious to name a few. It also features 10 different unique texture styles, including can you believe, four different glitter styles. The 10 textures include: cream, shimmer, metallic, satin, pearl, metallic glitter, multicolor glitter, holographic glitter, microglitter, and transformer.

The line is of the traditional lacquer segment. It’s a 3-step system, but it’s fast-drying, and it is “7-Free.” What does 7-free mean? Creative Play has been formulated with the elimination of 7 ingredients which include toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, and xylene and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).
Because the actual lacquer itself was designed with the standard wear of a traditional polish, it is recommended to combine this coat with the base coat and the top coat to increase the longevity of your new creative look for a finish that’s flawless and chip resistant.

Another perk of this set is that its brush has been designed with 400 bristle ends, which ensure smooth and even lacquer distribution for a polished manicure look as with other CND brush lines. So, basically, there is no difference in the brush.

Regardless of which line you go with, you’re guaranteed a top of the line brush. A few cons, this line cannot be combined with the Shellac line, whereas the Vinylux line can, and it is a 3-step system versus the 2-step ease-of-use compared with Vinylux.


As you may already know, Vinylux is known for the fact that this is a hard core upscale classy and fun line that has the ability to get your nails through the week minus the need for a base coat without chipping or breakage. Also unique to this fierce line of nail lacquer is its strengthening capabilities.

Traditional polishes tend to weaken over time, resulting in polish that’s prone to chip and break. But not with Vinylux polishes. With this line, your polish actually does the reverse—it strengthens over time.

As mentioned earlier, this is a 2-step system requiring two coats of lacquer and a top coat. The polish takes about 8 minutes to dry. A base coat is not needed as there is already one built into the polish, so your nails are protected! Depending on the health of the nails, Vinylux promises to deliver beautiful manicured nail results for one week without chipping or breaking, then it’s time to freshen things up, or to remove the polish and go with a new look for next week.

Who says you have to choose?

Why choose between the two? Each line has its own unique set of benefits and capabilities. If you opt to fill your salon with both lines of lacquer, you have the best of both worlds. Creative Play is 3-steps but it’s fast drying and you have loads of colors and fun textures to choose from—and we mean fun. Check it out here for yourself.

The Vinylux line is also fun and fast, but it’s more sophisticated and chic. It takes 8 minutes to dry, yes, but it only requires 2-steps. The Vinylux process is actually quicker than the 3-step Creative Play process! With both sets, you have versatility depending on your mood as the master manicurist.

All About Waxing

Waxing remains one of the most popular and effective ways to remove unwanted hair for an extended period of time. Most customers expect salons of all types to offer waxing products. What’s more, today’s consumer wants to have access to the highest quality and most advanced products and methods available. Owners want cost-effectiveness, of course, but customers want solutions that are less painful, long lasting, and fast. The good news is numerous products and techniques are available which can resolve virtually all of these concerns in no time.

Thinking About Wax Texture

A good place to start is with the type of wax used. Wax texture, more specifically, is an important part of creating the best long-term results while reducing your risks of burns or less-than-ideal circumstances. Customers may not initially understand their options or the different application types. However, they do recognize the results they get. Salon owners, then, need to understand all of the options, how to use these products, and what outcomes to expect when offering waxing services.

Consider a few of these products

Hot Wax

More common and considered a traditional product, hot wax tends to be an all-around solution. There are various forms including both stripless wax and non-strip, hard wax and Brazilian wax. Here, wax is applied in a thick layer in a figure-eight pattern. This ensures solid coating of the hair. It cools slightly and then is removed by pulling it off the skin. Newer products use less heat and do not require as much application.

Warm or Creamy Wax

There are various levels of warm wax with some also including honey and gel wax. Warm wax is warmed up in a roller unit or pot and then applied to the skin. Fabric or paper strips are added to it to adhere to hair and remove it. This product is best for applications made in a salon -home versions are never recommended. They can be used on most needs.

Which Is Right for Your Customer?

When considering all waxing products, it’s important to focus on the area of skin and the sensitivity of the individual. Salon hot wax is best because it offers the best adhesion, therefore reducing the frequency of repeating the process. Sugar wax products can be a good alternative to those who may react poorly to other products. Warm wax is a good option for those sensitive to heat who still want a faster solution.

Also just as important is removing excessive wax. No matter where you do so, it is beset to use a pelon strip or cotton strip for this process. This is the most pain-free option and it tends to be the fastest cleanup available. And, of course, any salon will experience some level of wax cleanup need. These products seem to be the most effective overall.

With the proper waxing supplies, it is possible for salons to make fast and less painful work of all types of wax applications. Each individual’s needs are different. The area of the skin being treated also matters. The most effective products adhere to the skin quickly, are not overly hot, and remove in a fast, simple motion, reducing the number of times the area must be treated. High quality products alongside skilled professionals can make waxing less painful and time consuming for all involved in the process.