Vinylux vs. Creative Play: Do You Know the Difference?

Creative Play is CND’s latest line of nail polish to hit the salon scene with 80 bold and vibrant unique colors, 10 gorgeous finish types, and this line is more in line with the traditional nail polish segment. The new line has been designed with creative consumers in mind, the consumers who love and enjoy switching up their nail looks frequently.

Forever changing nail color and textures, mixing colors, and creating stand out in the crowd looks. These nail polishes are just as unique as the consumers who wear them. Additionally, the 80 colors within this line are completely, brand spankin’ new to CND. So what’s the difference between this new line, Creative Play, and other CND lines?

There are a few notable key differences, both pros and cons for consumers and salon owners when making a determination on whether or not to give it a try, or choosing between Creative Play and Vinylux. But we assure you, the pros far outweigh the cons and some may not view the cons as cons at all. It’s all comes down to how you look at it, what you prefer, and what you expect from a nail lacquer.

Creative Play

This exciting new line features 80 beautiful bold vibrant unique colors like Glittabulous, Sea the Light, Orange You Curious to name a few. It also features 10 different unique texture styles, including can you believe, four different glitter styles. The 10 textures include: cream, shimmer, metallic, satin, pearl, metallic glitter, multicolor glitter, holographic glitter, microglitter, and transformer.

The line is of the traditional lacquer segment. It’s a 3-step system, but it’s fast-drying, and it is “7-Free.” What does 7-free mean? Creative Play has been formulated with the elimination of 7 ingredients which include toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, and xylene and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).
Because the actual lacquer itself was designed with the standard wear of a traditional polish, it is recommended to combine this coat with the base coat and the top coat to increase the longevity of your new creative look for a finish that’s flawless and chip resistant.

Another perk of this set is that its brush has been designed with 400 bristle ends, which ensure smooth and even lacquer distribution for a polished manicure look as with other CND brush lines. So, basically, there is no difference in the brush.

Regardless of which line you go with, you’re guaranteed a top of the line brush. A few cons, this line cannot be combined with the Shellac line, whereas the Vinylux line can, and it is a 3-step system versus the 2-step ease-of-use compared with Vinylux.


As you may already know, Vinylux is known for the fact that this is a hard core upscale classy and fun line that has the ability to get your nails through the week minus the need for a base coat without chipping or breakage. Also unique to this fierce line of nail lacquer is its strengthening capabilities.

Traditional polishes tend to weaken over time, resulting in polish that’s prone to chip and break. But not with Vinylux polishes. With this line, your polish actually does the reverse—it strengthens over time.

As mentioned earlier, this is a 2-step system requiring two coats of lacquer and a top coat. The polish takes about 8 minutes to dry. A base coat is not needed as there is already one built into the polish, so your nails are protected! Depending on the health of the nails, Vinylux promises to deliver beautiful manicured nail results for one week without chipping or breaking, then it’s time to freshen things up, or to remove the polish and go with a new look for next week.

Who says you have to choose?

Why choose between the two? Each line has its own unique set of benefits and capabilities. If you opt to fill your salon with both lines of lacquer, you have the best of both worlds. Creative Play is 3-steps but it’s fast drying and you have loads of colors and fun textures to choose from—and we mean fun. Check it out here for yourself.

The Vinylux line is also fun and fast, but it’s more sophisticated and chic. It takes 8 minutes to dry, yes, but it only requires 2-steps. The Vinylux process is actually quicker than the 3-step Creative Play process! With both sets, you have versatility depending on your mood as the master manicurist.

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